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Smile Re: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

@Mr.Tragic your problem is that you're are focusing on the ki gauge which is used for ssj, strike booster, counter attack options, and recoveries. What you need to look at is the spirit gauge (blue/yellow/red orb by the health bar) that controls whether or not you can do super moves. Breakdown on how to figure it out is that when someone combos you (most likely a heavy combo) it fills the spirit gauge. the small arrow is the user's 1st super. the big arrow is the user's 2nd super. When ever one of those arrows shine the player or cpu is capable of using a super. There one more arrow that only when one of the players spirit gauge turns red. When this happens both players enter a state called SPIRIT HIGH in which Both players can unleash a Ultimate attack. This arrow is located at the top of the spirit gauge when you enter spirit high. When one players spirit gauge flashes this arrow will shin purple and that player can use an ultimate attack. I hope this helped you understand the spirit gauge!
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