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Wink Re: Old man that needs help in the Marine Resort....

Originally Posted by godario27 View Post
There is a guy that asks you to help him find 7 things in the marine resort. I have found them all for him (but he keeps re-losing them) except for the one that is "by a stone statue of some creature". I think I found the stone statue in the ocean (it looks kinda like a fairy) but did not find the item by it anywhere. My question is, if I find it do I have to re-find everything else? And if I do, will I get a gold key?
My brother actually found ths one,if you go to the old man and take the challenge there will be a smaller ruin nearby,just go over there and there will be a stone statue of a dolphin,in front of it there should be a golden scepter,press A and the old man should appear,he will then start blabbing on about magic words and then he remembers them,turn them around and you will laugh around on the floor (just kidding) just find out yourself what it says.And you don't have to find them all again.Can't remember what you get for it though.
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