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Re: Podcast suggestion : How games incorporate reviews feedback

Very good topic for discussion, though I wonder if there is much data available on the topic, or whether it would be all conjecture.

The main one I can think of is Mass Effect, as has been mentioned. How much did the data that 70% of people played a male soldier class (or whatever) influence the progression of the series? Personally I think that ME2 came out to soon afterwards to be significantly affected by the data from ME1, and that it will affect future IPs more than Mass Effect. This is a completely groundless assertion, of course!

Sweeping Generalisation #2: I would say that Miyamoto probably has the right of it - at the end of the day, internet commentators are possibly not the best judges of what will and won't work in your game, as they don't know the internal systems etc which are involved. I was involved in modding for a while, and we constantly got requests to add features which made no thematic or internal* sense. There were good suggestions too, but at the end of the day it came down to the designer or developer's vision as to whether something would work or not. So feedback in that sense was great, but 90% of it was terrible, or unsuitable.

*as in, the code would require a vast amount of change just to fit in something throwaway or with an extremely minor effect on the gameworld, but which was "a cool feature".
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