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Re: Last movie impressions

Der Räuber
Based on a true story movie about a Austrian bank robber running all his free time, being actually a pretty successful marathon runner.
Or maybe a marathon runner robbing banks in his free time?
Seems like he never synced with society, and never found a society compatible purpose for his life.

The grey zone
Another Nazi era movie that tells an interesting story but seems to lack the quality it would deserve.

I haven't known about this so far. Jews being those who led their comrades into the gas chambers, of course under threat of loosing their lives if they did not. Basically they did hardly anything else than all others who "just did their job".
The question is raised once with a older men killing himself after the first day where he had to dispose his whole family. Is death a better choice than taking part in the killing for some extra minutes.
But this very substantial question, what you would do if your life is at stake, was a little overshadowed by the slightly weird told story of the sabotage rebellion destroying two of the four cremate ovens. With distrust and a lot of quirky dialogs.

Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kasper
Funny, to watch a Bavarian version of heaven and the death being tricked by one of his customers into promising him some extra years.
Not much of a good story, but a Bavarian Petrus... great.

I Love You, Man
Liked it.

Liked it, not. A cheap, brutal for the sake of being brutal, predictable movie.

Lilja 4-ever
About a 16 girl living somewhere in former Sovietunion and ending being a prostitute in Sweden.
Heart break.... rather tearing movie.
Still gives me chills when i think about it. Probably accurate in its fictitious details.
Strong recommend.

The intro was very good but at the end it got just another X-Men movie with too much super heroes all with gimmicky powers. It was a little better since it had at least some focus on Wolverines past, but it still felt bleak.
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