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Re: Li-Ion goes to TOTAL WAR! Shogun 2

Good stuff! I must admit, my finger hovered ove the 'Buy Shogun 2' button during the Steam sale at Xmas but I didn't follow through. Pieces like this are often the best type of advertising and it's now on my radar again when I get a PC capable of playing it and have the time to put into learning how to play it (the latter is probably the biggest obstacle).

Interesting stuff about playing perfectly, and it can definitely be enjoyable fudging through with various things going wrong and the 'campaign' spiralling out of control.

A minor example of this would be Lautrec in Dark Souls - I knew he was up to no good (maybe it was the sinister laugh that gave it away) but I had no reason to kill him at that stage, and it was enjoyable to see where the story would go, even though most people I knew looked that up and killed him immediately. I lost no time kicking him over the edge of Firelink Shrine in NG+.

Mount and Blade had a difficulty setting where you only had one save. It was great, as a misjudgement on your part could see the troops you'd spent ages training up wiped out or captured, you taken prisoner, and choice pieces of armour (or later in the campaign, whole cities or forts) confiscated. It was the only way to play.
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