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Re: Li-Ion goes to TOTAL WAR! Shogun 2

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
Thanks for your impressions. I love reading stuff like this. Let us know how your campaign goes.
Thank you for the kind words

I think I was too much of a perfectionist way back when I tried the original Shogun.
It is pretty hard to get past the 'perfectionist' method in playing games. I don't even blame quicksave for this. In games you can always go back and have a fresh start and even permanent decisions are only permanent for that specific playthrough. Even in a tough game like Dark Souls, where the autosave is as merciless as it can get.

Sid Meier gave a talk some time ago where he described some things he learned when analyzing how people played Civilization. He had this idea that, after the player build up his civ a bit, there should be a good chance that the AI would attack ruthlessly and bring the players civ close to the brink. Then the AI should retreat, to give the player some time to rebuild, because he wanted to convey the feeling of rebuilding an even greater empire from the ashes.

99% of players never did that, because they would just reload an old save if that happens. They would never get this feeling like being a phoenix from the ashes because they wanted a 'perfect' game. That made me think about my own gaming rituals. I immediately started a new game of civ, where I vowed not to reload an old save, unless I genuinely misclick horribly (sometimes I wish for a simple undo-button).

That was the first time I lost a game of civilization. It made the game better though, because I realized I never 'truly' played civ, if that makes sense. I never made a decision that mattered, since I would always reload and try to get a better solution. Now I play more considerate and don't just send my army over and over in a no-win-scenario, just to reload until random chance would make my spearmen take down two tanks and a helicopter.

The lack of complete control over my armies drove me crazy. I couldn't stand when I was unable to make my troops do exactly what I wanted or, worse still, when they started to outright disobey my orders.
Isn't that great? The last RTS I played excessively was Starcraft 2, where every unit obeys your every whim. It is a great game, but the fact that every soldier can be bossed around makes me never feel like I'm commanding an army.

An army consists of people, which generally have some sense of self preservation. You would never believe that from any game of Starcraft, Warcraft or Command & Conquer. In Total War I don't feel like I'm having control the same way I do in Starcraft, where control is absolute, but I actually feel like I'm commanding an army.

Next time I'm here I'll be giving you some impressions of my new campaign, which might be over very quickly in a disastrous fashion

p.s.: I found the talk I mentioned by Sid Meier, it was from GDC2010 and can be found here:
About an hour long.
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