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Re: The Witcher 2

I can surely see the appeal of Witcher 2, as it has a quite vivid game world with colorful characters. The world of Witcher is not clear cut as your standard fantasy world and everything is morally ambiguous. Basically almost everyone's a dick and wants to grab more money and power. Sex is not displayed as something odd and nervously pushed off-screen or shown as awkward dry humping, but something rather normal. Choices matter. They matter to such an extend, that you can basically play the game two times have a completely different storyline with different sets of characters supporting and opposing you. Also, it is a truly pretty game, both technically as in terms of art style.

However, for each ray of light there is some darkness. With version 2.1 the controls still feel unresponsive and sluggish. I almost got stuck on one occasion, because I couldn't click on the door I was supposed to walk through, unless I was in a very specific place. Since Geralt always takes two extra steps after releasing the WASD-keys, putting him in this very specific position took me about 5 minutes. Signs sometimes just don't cast, or with a precious second delay, which makes them difficult to use in the thick of combat. Really bad checkpoints that don't allow to take potions before a boss battle. Bad boss battles in general. The list goes on.

Yeah, most of my complaints are about the controls and bugs. I don't share Richard Naik's sentiment of the story being boring or bad. I've seen plenty of much worse storytelling in RPG.
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