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Re: The Witcher 2

I'm back playing the Witcher, after friends convinced me that the game get's "so much better" after this particular bossfight that made me quit. Arguably it couldn't have gotten any worse. But I had some time off and almost forgot how terrible that bossfight was. Also, some patches rolled in (more than 700mb!) and v2.1 plays indeed a bit more fluid. However, still worlds apart from the combat in Dark Souls.

So, now I sided with the rebel alliance and went to the dwarf city in chapter 2 having a lot of dirty, medieval sex. I saw that someone created a towel-mod for Witcher 2, due to "unexpected nudity". Seriously? All the dismemberment and suffering is ok, but when seeing half a naked body there's the need to cover up?

I'm getting sidetracked here: Witcher 2 did indeed get better (not only the sex). Some issues are still bothering me, however. For example that I already died twice during a brief cutscene. Or that the game froze repeatedly after finishing one specific quest. Or the weird disconnect that I feel every time Geralt takes his sweet time to react after my button presses, particularly for the Quen-sign and when climbing/jumping from ledges.
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