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A few tragic games I dont often hear about

Hi everyone !

That's weird that I never hear about these games when people talk about sad games or what games made them cry. These are for me the saddest RPGs out there, apart from Nier.

Radiata stories is a pretty sad game. It reminded me of Secret of Mana but was way more emotional. You can see the story from two different perspective, and the second viewing is really depressing as you know what's going to happen, who is going to die, etc. and you see it from another angle, being the only one who how all this will end.

Xenosaga Episode III
(which, like too human, starts with a quote of a German philosopher, Tim!) has the most emotional ending I've ever seen. Of course after spending 150 hours across the 3 episodes with all the characters, seeing what happen to them and the way it happens to them can be pretty rough.

Just my two cents.
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