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Re: Please Rate This Review: "Batman: Arkham City"

There's the guts of a good review in here, but I think it gets derailed a bit by your fairly subjective opinions!

The good: you explain the premise of the game, the things that make it fun to play,and the problems with the open world structure.

The bad: you constantly use very subjective phrases like "I suppose", "All I'm saying is" and "[the DLC] annoys me". Personally I think reviews should have more objective language, and more objective justifications, though you may disagree. For example, if a reviewer uses the word "awesome" I know he's being more of a fan than a reviewer. In particular your paragraphs on the DLC need to be toned down a little bit - not everyone will see it as 'taunting' the player.

In a similar vein, I'd cut this entirely:

I know the game's been out for a couple of months, but I only got to play it during the Holidays and the game still goes full-price, so I declare this review valid!

If the big question is whether or not you should spend your money on the title, then yes, I suppose you should. It's the one of two titles that came out in the last three months that I'd recommend (the other one being "Saints Row: The Third").
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