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Re: Last movie impressions

Year One
It had some silly and some funny moments, like Caveman some years ago.

Fred Claus
In the course of the inevitable happy end it lost its true potential.

Hardly the best iteration of the Christmas Carol idea ever made, but i liked its protagonists, especially Douglas as the mentor playboy was hilarious, so it was fine.

Taken (96Hours)
Logic or realism? Better not care for that.
But it was fun and fast entertainment.

Ice Age 3
Nice as always.

Luhrmans most ambitious work i guess, but his worst so far.

Temple Grandin
Awesome movie. Period. Makes Rain Man and Hoffmans performance look like some dumbed down popcorn movie.

Die Hard 4
a little bit over the top in scale and its Bond-villain, but McClane is fun to watch every time.

Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) 2009
Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)
Luftslottet som sprängdes (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)
Why the translators always have to mess with the original titles is beyond me. The english one at least got one right but the german titles : Verblendung, Verdammnis, Vergebung (dazzlement, perdition, absolution) WTF?
Noomi is just great, the rest rather meh. Especially the Blomkvists character with his annoying journalistic heroism. I don't want to prejuducie Rooney Mara, but she looks way too skinny and vulnerable for the angry Lisbeth character from what i've seen in trailers.

No idea why the books were hyped so much.
It always felt like it was a mish-mash of ideas already seen in other films.
(Twin Peaks, some Grisham work and in between people smuggling)
Lisbeths problems with entire society and trusting anyone was the only thing that felt fresh.
Reminded me also somehow of Delirium of the Sandman series.

State of Play
Sort of old-fashioned, sort of too much trying to be surprising and crammed with details and past which is in the end more distracting than suspenseful.

Race to Witch Mountain
Ok. Such comedies don't hurt anyone.

Watching Poppy, an always cheerful teacher taking everything with a smile is sometimes exhilarating, but it also seems to be annoying for some people around her pretty fast. And i know for sure that i would hate that quite fast. It appears ignorant to the not wonderful, real world we live in. While a single smile can hardly harm, smiling always and at everything seems simply inappropriate.
Her character seems to have some deeper understanding when things are serious and she gets serious when one of her class' boys has problems to behave because he is beaten by his moms new friend. But she totally fails in meeting her driving teacher appropriately. She quickly understood that he has serious problems but nevertheless never ceases to provoke him until a dramatic climax she sort of ignores too.
She always smiles and is always happy, but she appeared like a person in the end being ignorant to reality and its, the others sadness, unable to help and even not really wanting to.
I mean, seriously her teacher threatens his, hers and every other drivers life in the outburst scene and her answer to this is going paddling on a local sea and starting again making jokes on everything, not calling the police. "Would not help..." It might help someone not being killed?!?
On first glance her character appeared like being one the world deserves more of, but on one time truly trying to help and at another time shut her eyes made the writing appear lacking understanding its own figures.

Alien Teacher
Interesting, but an not at all convincing experience.

Be Kind Rewind
Defining sweding was great, but the movie is not really meaty.

Stealing Rembrandt
Liked it, although i guess a little polish here and there could have made it a real great movie.

Nanga Parbat 2010
Not the best climbing movie i ever saw. The sort of chaotic expedition and Reinholds egocentric attitude seem quite realistic but the often shown naivety seemed out of place, although it also might be true.
I guess the more interesting film would be about Reinholds later near death expeditions and all the other records he set.

The Natural
I like those sport fairy tales. Even when it's Baseball.

Any plans for a Gretzky or Messier movie/documentary?

Bakjwi (Thirst)
Interesting approach on vampire movies. Sort of irritating and beautiful like all his movies. (Chan wook)

A true little gem.

I liked the Emmerich movies so far, but this was really underwhelming. Great special effects, but a bullshit story and misplaced jokes all over.

Vantage Point
At least the third vantage point started to be annoying. Get to a point anytime soon, please! One of those complex, wannabe clever movies that get lost in their high ambitions.

Last Samurai and Blood Diamond were very ok, but Zwick stopped making great movies somewhere in the mid 90s, imho.
And here it's again a piece of story which would deserve a much better director.
You just can't make drama with some bits and pieces which might be accurate but won't work in a distilled two hours experience of reality. When you start with the murder of jews you can't make shortly later some joking about "forest wifes" and the certainly angry real wifes (that are maybe already dead?). You can't keep suspense and horror on the Nazi threat when the watchman is portrayed like a totally incapable idiot commented with some easy sayings.
Seriously, WTF?

Liked it very much. Two grown up man, one is sensible and super introvert, the other one harsh, vulgar and appearing like possibly violent, first sharing a room in a psychiatric (?) social state institution and when being released to society, share an apartment and face life for the first time on their own.
Elling soon decides to become an underground poet, while Kjell Bjarne just wants to have sex, while being shy and is only able to talk about it freely with his companion.
Both figures are not exactly lovable at first sight but overall they are nice guys just having problems to be "normal".
Fine intelligent movie.

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