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Re: Last movie impressions

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
I'd seen the original Swedish version of this on DVD (which itself only came out in 2009, so I was a little confused about how quickly this Hollywood remake came about). Both versions have their pros and cons.

I didn't like how, in the new one, the film was set in Sweden, but the dialogue was in English rather than Swedish. To be expected (Daniel Craig certainly isn't going to learn a whole new language for the sake of one film), but still, I prefer the original film in this regard. That is, in Swedish, with subtitles. I also think the 2009 version had a slightly darker feel, which I enjoyed. Also, the girl who plays Lisbeth in the original could be slightly hotter than the one who plays Lisbeth in the new one. But it's too close to call.

I *almost* prefer the 2012 TGWtDT, though. It was still suitably dark, and although both films follow the same plot as I presume the book has, the ending is better (and sadder) in this version. The acting was also great across the board- Daniel Craig was blatantly mainly cast for the ladies (there's enough topless shots of him, for Christ's sake), but his portrayal as unfairly disgraced journalist Mikael is fantastic. The eponymous girl of the film is played superbly, also- definitely an improvement on the portrayal of Lisbeth in the 2009 film, where I found it hard to sympathise with her because she was so annoying. Also, the soundtrack in the new film (by Trent Reznor) is great, and I'm not normally a fan of his work.

My biggest criticism of this version would be the product placement. There were a few too many scenes with the McDonalds or NIN logos, made worse by the fact they are so prominent (one scene starts with the camera literally being zoomed in on a happy meal for way too long). If it wasn't for the blatant, in-your-face advertising, I'd say I prefer the 2012 version of The Girl..., but as it is, it's merely "as good as" the 2009 one. I wouldn't be able to recommend one over the other. However, I would say they are both great films, and each is worth watching.

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