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Re: How to Train Your Dragon Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

ok I beat the main part of the game for DS...

but I'm stuck on the Powerful Night fury that is one of the three dragons I was asked to annihilate

I tried using moves that cause a painful status on it; it uses a move that eliminates them

I tried using any moves that let ME move quicker than it; it puts my dragon to sleep and Speeds ITSELF up then thrashes my sleeping dragon

and the only moves that epically hurt the thing put me in a position where I can't attack for a bit and it beats me then too...

anyone have an idea what I could do? I tried using EVERY dragon species at least the case of my Night fury; Monstrous Nightmare and Grapple Grounder as well as Deadly nadder I used those multiple times
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