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The only problem with the Air Ougi (Jump, Sakura/Tsunade support, then Ultimate Jutsu) is that there is a high percentage of missing unless you are close enough. If you're going to try it, don't do what anyone else says about the range. It depends who your character is. Because honestly, I have doubts about you hitting if you are Neji/Hinata. Thumbs up for that clever trick, though. Kakashi, Itachi and possibly Sai and Deidara if you're a timing whiz all work fine.

Minato, Itachi, Deidara, Shikamaru.. they're not cheap! Hell no, they're the opposite of cheap. They are branded 'cheap' because of the fact noobs see their awakenings/specials online or just like the character and decide to spam rasengan/crow clone/awakening/Shadow Pull because it helps them win. I usually use Deidara, and I get a lot of mouth from my friends saying I'm a hopeless spammer. But I don't spam, and I rarely use awakenings. The type of character you like and dislike depends on your fighting style and how good a player you are. For example, if you excel in using the puppet masters, you might be a total flop at playing Neji, whose attacks do nothing unless up close. Then again, if you were amazing at Suigetsu, whose 'Water Dragon' is essentially a charged projectile jutsu the story would be the same.
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