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OK, I need help for my son! He's going crazy trying to get the last bungee jumping spot. He's done 9 out of 10. Does anyone have a list of all 10 places???
Ok I'll tell ya! And thedirections
1. Pirate rock in marine resort andits in rocky ridge cove
2. I think it's 2 laps hotel in city resort, it's somewhere by the rigt at giant heel street
3. Yggdrasil central hotel! Go around the hotel and you may find the guy with a bungee icon on his head
4. White wings resort! I think it's by Kawawii garderns station but I'm not sure..
5. Cow shaped rock! It's around the base in snow resort
6. Tonga Blanca Crater( BONUS: it's the pathfinder!)
First take the left from the peak! Go past the observatory and stop at cosmos area! Ignore the rocks and take the left where theres a series of arches! Take the narrow path on the left and it gets a bit icy deeper inside! Keep going, past the fungus and inside the crater and you're there!
7. tonga Blance, it's atthe peak
Mountain resort
8. Otti McRae falls
9. Schuber McRae Cliff I think it's by the rafting zone, didn't go there for a week so I forgot.
10. Shanghar Ridge! Take the right route up mt Shanghar.
Choose which one you didn't do! I hope your bro gets a silver key Good Luck!!
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