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Talking Re: Art of Murder: Hunt for Puppeteer Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

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***for all who got stuck getting the ding-danged stick from stinkin' manuel***

i figured it out! Hallelujiah! I was going bananas...

Go back to the estate. Go to the close-up of the grinder. You've prob already tried to click on the wheel and she says "the grinder would work if the belt wasn't missing." but now move your cursor all the way over to the left where the belt should be (the top of your screen will indicate that you are looking at the "driving belt slide") and click on it. She will say "it won't work without a belt." now go back and talk to manuel, he'll let you have the stick. If only there was an option to whack him with it! Aaargh!

I hope this brings many of you intense joy and relief

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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