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Smile How to get to the secret cave

(If you can, keep a dog with you when you're searching, it will bark and a "!" will come up above his head when he knows your close)

1. Make sure your in marine resort
2. Look in the bottom left corner at your map
3. In your map quite high and far to the right there is a little loop in white that looks like a semicircle*
4.Make your way there*
5. Search up and down the track your on don't go to far though
6. If your dog barks search the area you where when it barked*
7. There will be a wall and there will be two people standing on the wall*
8. Once you've seen them use your ATV to go up one of the ramps near it, and jump past the people
9. You will find your self in a long field with trees and grass but if you go to the very end fall into a long gap
10. And there you go
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