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Why Morality Is Evil (or Good) In Gaming

Basically all games worth their salt these days will incorporate some sort of morality systems, like an over accommodating man taking in a lovely but sick dog. The real problem I have with these useless additions to gaming, like most half intelligent gamers, is that they add nothing to the overall enjoyment, or even playability of a game.

Anyone who has played Fable or Mass Effect will have had to come to terms with the issues I'm talking about, they must have, it's a brick wall hiding the real game from the player, no matter how desperate we are or how much we've paid. Fable, the every man's RPG, displays my concern perfectly. Throughout the franchise, you are always given 2 very polar opposite choices when making a decision. I can either give money and shelter to an orphan, or shoot him in the face (except from you can't kill the immortal children, thanks very much Molyneux, you funkiller). It becomes increasingly apparent that there is no middle of the road choices, you must choose between wholly good or being a Simon Cowell/Satan style human.

Mass Effect too, while I love the game more than my mother, shares similar problems. In Mass Effect 2, the game became filled with quick time events where rather than talk to people, you get to shoot them in the foot like an impatient nutter, or passionately embrace them like the space hippy Shephard truly was. And while I wish I could use this tactic in real life, it just makes for bad storytelling, and forces the player to have to go through at least 2 playthroughs of a game just to reach all the content the developers have created.

"I wanted fries with my cheeseburger. Get ready for PAIN!

Something I find really sad is that games like Skyrim, which could truly benefit from a well designed morality system fail to have one. I run around jauntily in Whiterun, killing everyone I see (Except the children, Bethesda being another funkiller), without any consequences to my character's qualities or storyline.

Overall, it's plain to see that morality in video games has become the terrible fashion move of the gaming industry. It's like a beautiful dress, that's sold only to burly men, while beautiful women run around, seeming bare without it.
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