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Re: The Witcher 2

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
No, difficulty isn't what stops me from playing stuff (especially since I beat the boss on easy anyway, as explained in the posting). The difficulty spike was just an annoyment.
I didn't mean to imply that the difficulty was the reason you stopped playing. Like you said, it was an annoyance for you, and I had a similar experience the first time (having to turn down the difficulty to avoid throwing my monitor out the window), so I just wanted to offer a different perspective.

that is just botched scripting in my opinion. Or was it really important for the story if he looses 5, 20 or 50% of his health before the cutscene plays?
Well it wouldn't have made much sense if you beat him completely, watched his corpse hit the ground, then you watched the cutscene of him besting you and escaping. I suppose that's a broader issue though, whether games should use those plot devices at all. In this case, they wanted you to have an overwhelming confrontation (presumably to show you what a badass he is), and save the real satisfaction of killing him til the finale, after you've beefed up your skills (if you choose to fight him in the finale, of course). Since he's a central plot character it wouldn't have made sense to let him be killed off too early... although if any game would do that, it'd probably be a Witcher game.
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