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Re: 2011 Community GOTY

It's been another year where some of the best games I played were ones from years before that I had skipped over for whatever reason. This year I had the pleasure of playing Demon's Souls, Far Cry 2 and ICO for the first time, which would top my list in any year, I reckon.

Biggest disappointment has to be Shadow of the Colossus. I know, I know, but it feels like it was designed to irritate. When I got to the second colossus and found out after looking it up on the web that you had to shoot him on the sole of the foot to bring him down, I gave up in disgust.

RPGs disappointed me a little as well this year; both the Witcher and Two Worlds II.

Cash grab of the year must go to Tiger Woods 12, with some of the events on the tour being held at courses only available though DLC. It also feels a bit weird that the trophies are shamelessly commercial stuff like, "Play in a Major with Nike sponsorship equipped". I suppose that's golf, eh?

At the moment, my list would be something like this:

1. Dark Souls (though I almost quit the whole thing out of frustration halfway through).
2. Skyrim (only played 40 hours of this so far, and am taking a break but will be back).
3. Madden 12 (yes, I know, but I've gotten so much fun out of it it would be a shame to leave it off the list. A really deep and rewarding game)

I've been having a bit of trouble with Zelda, but if that picks up it might make the list. Haven't played Uncharted and don't get on with any of the third-person adventures like Ass Creed, Batman etc, so they are excluded.

It's been a year in which I've neglected PC gaming to some extent. I'm looking forward to picking that back up with STALKER and Metro2033 amongst others to be played. PC gaming is so uncivilised though... [/troll]
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