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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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Can anyone tell me all of the great preformances in the Mountain Resort? And with lots of details if possible?
1. Near the hotel on the opposite side of Trumela lake from the castle, there should be a house with a small ramp pointing directly at it. Use the ramp to jump over the house.

2. Near the ruins (north side) is a very steep bumpy slope. Use an off road car to drive up the hill (I recommend turning off the rumble on your remote if it's on). Once you get to the top, you should ge the great performance.

3. On the south side of the train tunnel (very left side of the map), there should be a row of three houses. Use a horse to jump on top of all three of them.

4. On the north side of the castle, there should be an area which allows you to jump on a row of "islands" in Trumela Lake. Jump to the very last one with an off road car and wait there for the ferry to come underneath where you are. Carefully drive on top (yes on top of) the ferry to get the last great performance.
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