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Re: 2011 Community GOTY

My GOTY is Dark Souls, no doubt about it.
Runners up: Deus Ex Human Revolution, Frozen Synapse

Now to my annual categories (plus some extra):

Most time spent at character creation: Dragon Age 2

Best story: Witcher 2
Runners up: Deus Ex Human Revolution, Frozen Synapse

Most disappointing story: Crysis 2
(after all the hype they created around other FPS having bad stories, the plot of Crysis 2 was pretty forgettable)

Best ending: Frozen Synapse

Worst ending: the decide-athon 4000 at the end of Deus Ex Human Revolution

Funniest game: Magicka

Most aggravating bossfights: Witcher 2
Runner up: first boss in Deus Ex Human Revolution

Most disappointing bossfights: Deus Ex Human Revolution
Runner up: Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine

Best multiplayer, co-op: Magicka
Runner up: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops

Best multiplayer, competitive: Frozen Synapse
Runner up: Brink (if it wouldn't have been so broken at launch)

Least subtle Nazi-references: Killzone 3

Least playable at launch: Magicka
Runner up: Brink

Most annoying DLC advertising: Dirt 3

Best (free) DLC: Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0

Most annoying DRM: Ubisoft game launcher "UPlay" (no, I don't...)
Runner up: Games for Windows Live

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to hate but which I enjoyed quite a lot: Dragon Age 2

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to love but which I didn't get along with: Limbo
Runner up: Portal 2

Most angry words shouted at TV due to difficulty:Dark Souls
Follow up: last mission of Killzone 3

Least interactive game: Uncharted 3
Runner up: almost every modern military shooter

Worst punchline to a 15 year joke: Duke Nukem Forever

Medal of Honor-Award for most awesome beards: Skyrim

Biggest disappointment: Crysis 2
Runner up: Homefront, Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2

(presumably) First game of 2011 I'll buy in 2012: Total War: Shogun 2
Runners up: Trine 2, Star Wars: the Old Republic
Currently playing: Dark Souls 3

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