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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)


I got the Light Spell from Oolacile but decided to go to Demon Ruins instead with 500 arrows, following Li-ion's advise.

I had a hard time with the Firesage Demon until I remembered to use the Bandit's Knife. I killed him in 30 seconds with that weapon. Next, Centipede Demon. I summoned Solaire and a Phantom without knowing what was expecting me after the fog wall. The lava intimidated me so much that I left the fight to my friends and fired magic whenever I could. Boss dead. First try.

And now to the living hell of Lost Iziliathaever (I'll never get that name right).

I killed, I don't know, fifteen dinossaurs or something to get to the towers. I then entered the Angkor Wat look-alike area (strange mixture of architectural styles in the Dark Souls world) , killed the various rotating fire spitter statues, until a sage with fire powers did his best to kill me with a circus worthy fire show. He almost did, but what frustrated me immensely, and eventually killed me, was the simultaneous invasion from an NPC who got me completely off-guard and nailed me to the ground.

Alright, second try -- "oh, good, the annoying dinosaurs are still dead. So, I just have to run through the entire lava area. This is basically a swamp with poison, pretty easy then, I just wish those japanese artists had minimized the amount of orange paint here. My eyes would thank them. I'll just run through the statues here and since I'm not human with no chance of invasion I'll just kill the circus freak with magic. Wow, large fog wall. Boss should be in here. Where is the bonfire? Lets see, ha!, a big area filled with statues. I smell bonfire. Yummy, a big empty room with loot (floor collapses). WTF? Where am I? Let me see what's down here: 5 annoying tentacle things. Arrows! All dead. I'll just jump now. Oh, it's a swamp. I'll just alternate between flasks and poison healing herbs. I'm out of flasks, where's the fucking exit? I don't want to die in here. I'll just use humanities to restore HP. (10 humanities after) WHERE IS THE FUCKING EXIT?

STAIRS!!! YES!!! I'm low on health but if I remember correctly, Li-ion mentioned that the boss fight was a QTE, or something. Fuck the bonfire. (Entering fog) Wow, I'm sliding like Lara Croft here, these From Software guys sure are funny. So, big boss area, looks like Metroid Prime final boss. Hm, gigantic golden orbs, I should probably hit them. That's one gigantic golden orb less. Keep those arms still, you silly thing." (Floor collapses). YOU DIED!

I just pressed the on/off switch of the console.
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