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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)


I killed Laurel and Hardy with two phantoms. The first one died in seconds and I thought "well, I'm doomed". However, only the fatty remained and the other phantom and I positioned ourselves in opposite points of the cathedral bombarding him alternatively with fire and magic spells. A bit long but it did the trick.

I killed the giant princess with the big tits with an arrow straight to her face. Anor Londo isn't sunny anymore.

Went to New Londo for the boss with two phantoms and killed the thing easily, first try. Great setting that abyss thing. The game is filled with excellent design ideas. It feels so experimental and leftfield. I truly adore it more and more.

But I'm taking my time. I think critics lately are obsessed with constantly changing games that they can't possibly surrender themselves to a game like this. I haven't played anything else for more than a month and feel that I'm not missing anything.
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