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Re: So, who is going to go Star Wars: The Old Republic?

So yesterday I finished my betaweekend with an evening of getting to lvl 13 with my light-blue female twilek jedi sentinel. and also doing some pvp. I gotta say I love the game and the pvp is fantastic. Especially Voidstar wich really feels different from the WoW/Rift battlegrounds.

Now it's still 20 days till launch and this beta has completely turned me from being positively excited about the game to completely hyped up about the game.

Before the beta I saw Swtor as an exciting event of a possibly very entertaining and smooth mmo game experience that would eventually get released around christmas time. I was originally even more excited about Guild Wars 2, but since that was pushed back to 2012 I kind of pushed it off my radar as its too far away.

Now after playing the beta, I'm literally as hyped up like a teen, counting the days till release which seem to go sooooo slow. And that is something other beta's (LOTRO, AOC, RIFT, etc) haven't been able to do.

I just can't decide what to play, a trooper or a jedi knight. Or perhaps a sith warrior, or a ratattaki sith shadow.
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