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Re: please rate this op-ed piece: “Cinematic” is not a good thing for games...

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Call of Duty = war shooters (or GTA = open world, or WoW = MMORPG) might appear dominant at the moment but as with movies there will always be products for gamephils or whatever the equivalent to cinéasts will be called in gaming, as long as there is demand for it- and it can be financed.
CoD & WoW don't appear dominant. They ARE dominant. I know people who don't buy any other game than the yearly iteration of CoD (with an occasional MoH or Battlefield in between because frankly, who can really tell the difference ) or don't play anything else than WoW. The equivalent is if the majority of people would only watch one movie a year, and that being the yearly Michael Bay explosionade.

I don't know if it does any media justice when someone tries to compare them to one another.
Books, graphic novels, movies and games let us experience and unfold stories in completely different ways.
I find it funny that from my lengthy posting you pick out a playful comment, clearly marked with a smiley as not being taken too seriously
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