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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

lol, the new patch is here, having a look at the patchnotes...
Originally Posted by Patch 1.05
Iron Flesh effectiveness nerfed.
Just as I start using it

A lot of good changes. Lock-on range and changeing is being fixed, weapon scaling gets better. But also quite some nerfs, not only to iron flesh but also to the crystal ring shield, hollow soldier shield, removed invincibility of greater magic shield etc.

In any case, beat Nito on my 2nd attempt yesterday. He isn't all that difficult anyway as long as you're out of range of his AoE attack. Only problem is the way to him with enough estus flasks. On my first attemt I had 3 flasks when I crossed the fog gate, but after having to jump down I needed to take another, which left me with only 2 flasks for the whole fight. Regardless, I almost beat him straight away. Next time I decided to just sprint through to him. Rolled past the dogs, giant skeletons and carousel-things. Of course I missed my jump to get past the pinweel, needed to dogde, dive, dip duck and dodge my way to the fog gate. Arriving at nito I put on my divine weapon first to get rid of the pesky little skeletons before just keeping in his back with the furysword. Got hit sometimes by his spike-attack but apart from that I think none of his normal attacks ever touched me. Compared to most other bosses surprisingly easy.
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