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Re: please rate this op-ed piece: “Cinematic” is not a good thing for games...

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
The successful mainstream/popcorn area was always "dumb"? It should be dumb, simple, so it can be art for everyone
I'm not talking mainstream, Cracka. I'm talking about a movement to bring EVERYTHING down to mainstream.

Look at Hollywood circa 1968... Studios were huge bloated things, putting out big generic mainstream films that cost a lot and profited not so much. Hollywood had flatlined. And the solution was for the older business types who managed the money to gamble on the new young directors.. Spielberg, Lucas, Coppola, Scorsese. They brought Hollywood back from the dead by going back to storytelling basics.

I think gaming needs a similar jolt of energy, before another Call of Duty comes out.

I want the 'New Wave' of game designers.
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