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Re: please rate this op-ed piece: “Cinematic” is not a good thing for games...

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
back and forth that won't go anywhere.
back and forth might many times change nothing on the core of a disagreement but i'm really happy when i in the end can follow someones thoughts better.

a favorite cite of mine
"I have never learned anything from any man who agreed with me" Dudley Field Malone

If the stakes don't feel raised by the gameplay, then using film techniques on top of that is just going to be a lampoon of gameplay. I can't see any gamer wanting that. I think they crave involvement.
Depends on what the film technique gives me in exchange for having to bear a lampoon of gameplay.
I currently started Heavy Rain, so i have no final opinion so far, but i felt panic when running after Jason, guilty after loosing Shaun although i have no kid and no idea what it really would mean to me to lose a child.
"real" gaming is hardly the core but rather to experience feelings according to the respective roles. It's more of an interactive RPG (or interactive drama as it calls itself) than an adventure or whatever the nearest genre for HR would be gameplay-wise.
At least i would assume that after having played the "intro scenes". It keeps imo much better the interactive drama part active. The stick orgies in Fahrenheit were really moving me out of my role.

No idea anymore how Force Unleashed worked. I sort of button mashed my way through both demos and i have no memory if there were already QTEs included and if they made the boring game in any way better or worse.
Did not like QTEs in Bayonetta and God of War. Found them ok in RE4 (mainly just for the knife fight that had some rhythm)

If cinematic games are the future, then game design is over.
I can imagine that cinematic games will merge some day with static films or replace them, since you will then be able to extract one version of the cinematic game for the cineasts, customized for his taste i guess or delivered in a more traditional game directors cut.

No idea why conventional games should go away. Having the illusion of choices is a pretty different experience than watching or playing a story is different to some day playing a randomly generated story, so that won't die anytime soon.
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