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Re: Skyrim

Originally Posted by LordFarid View Post
If you hated oblivion you probably won't like this.
I don't hate Oblivion, I just won't ever play it again, that's a difference

I have a general problem with sandbox games. I usually find the border of my sandbox pretty quickly and then end up being disappointed by my limitations, rather than to enjoy the little freedom I have. With linear shooters I know what to expect, thus I'm not disappointed, if that makes any sense?

However, in case of Oblivion that wasn't even my main problem. My main problem was that I believed the premise of being able to do 'what I want' literally. So I levelled quite a bit just by making potions, crafting and trading. Due to the stoopid auto-level system for NPC in Oblivion that resulted in me being MUCH less powerful in combat than the group of bandits in front of the city walls. Somehow I managed to kill the first group after all (mainly due to the AI bugging out ). When I looted their bodies I didn't get why they would try to rob me. Each single piece of equipment they had was worth more than all my possessions put together. That completely broke my immersion since it made no sense to me that stinking rich bandits would try to rob a poor little bard.

But the damage was already done, since my stats were so miserable that I had no chance ever catching up with the random encounters. In one dungeon I finally ran into some wisp-thing that I couldn't even do damage to, except with a handful of arrows that I took from some stinking rich robin hood some minutes earlier. But all those arrows combined didn't take even 30% of it's life off. After dying a couple of times to the wisp I tried to run the other way, just to be devoured by a pack of wolves. Each of the wolves could killed me with one bite. Not fun. So I quit.
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