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Re: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
My personal odyssey with Oblivion is well documented in these forums. The levelling system made me go mad 16 hours in and completely destroyed any desire to play further. I also found Fallout 3 a lifeless and soulless chore, which I stopped playing directly after Megaton.

Now I hear the same praise I heard about Fallout 3 and Oblivion about Skyrim. It being the best thing since sliced bread. I see all those features, forum threads and videos on YT where people go nuts for it. But I don't want to spend another 40 to 50€ just to get another disappointing WRPG.
If you hated oblivion you probably won't like this. I found Oblivion a very imperfect game, but Skyrim does fix 4 major problems I had with it (buggy and constantly crashing, boring npc's that ruined my immersion, boring dungeons and the fact that the 3rd person perspective didnt work at all and i personally dont like first person for rpg's). Thanks to those fixes the game is a lot more enjoyable and immersive to me then it ever was. It is by far the best game Bethesta has released.

Another huge problem however with the game is the fact that its a sandbox. That's right, the games biggest advantage is also the game biggest weakness in my opinion. There are so many major questlines to follow that you don't know where to begin, at every streetcorner and with every npc there is a setpiece waiting that starts yet another questline, and if you dont watch it your questlog literally becomes a massive list. You have to force yourself to ignore the npc's and walk past them if you dont want to constantly hop from quest to quest without direction. This is the other side of the coin of the freedom. It is especially frustrating if your a control freak, it's especially frustrating if you are the structured type that likes to clear an entire level before heading to the next.

To that extent I think personally I personally would enjoy the game more if it had more direction and was just a bit less sandboxy. For example the GTA games have it better organised in that respect, you have the epic tale, and sandbox gameplay is offered more as a way to fool around when your bored with the main plot instead of the questgasm that oblivion/skyrim offer.

It is a beautiful game however, this is really one of its strongest points. It's so damn pretty. I do have to be honest though, I seriously can't wait till SWTOR is released, and once its out i'll drop this game right away and won't look back.

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