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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Hah, I'm on a roll today...
After being stomped into the ground repeatedly yesterday, I stomped some heads myself today.

Ornstein & Smough (I stopped counting... more than a dozen tries?)
Great Wolf Sif (4th try)

Plus, I have new weapons. Quelaaghs Furysword really saved me in my struggle against Sif. I also think the fire damage impressed Laurel & Hardy more than the lightning damage from my usual spear. Now I want the Dragon Hunters Spear (for which I need some more titanite to get a spear to +10 first) and got my Claymore to +7 already. With magic weapon the claymore does more damage than the furysword, I'm looking forward to see what a Claymore +15 can do.

I also changed covenants to the Princess Guard. Not sure why, actually. I got some items from it... which are useless since I'm going for strength and pyromancy. But 'Princess Guard' sounds at least better than 'Way of White'.
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