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Anyone playing this? I am, i needed a nice full snack in between being totally bored with WoW and Rift and the launch of SWTOR on december 20th.

I'm liking it a lot. It's a long time i have found a single player game this entertaining.

In my opinion it's oblivion but with the frustrating parts cut out. With frustrating I mean;

No crashes and bugs.

I don't know about you guys but I had Oblivion crash so many times on me. And I mean major serious crashes that meant i had to restart the computer. Crashes that happened so often i had to save a game every 10 steps because i hated to replay parts. And at the time of Oblivions launch I had a sparkly new computer, so it wasn't that I didn't have the tech.

Well I also have a sparkly new computer now but so far Skyrim works like a dream. Not a single crash, not a single bug. Maybe i've been lucky so far but where oblivion was a bugfest and crashfest Skyrim is flawless in this department.

No Boring NPC's

One of the most annoying things of Oblivion was that the NPC's all had the same voices and texts. This problem is solved in Skyrim. There probably are many NPC's that use the same voice actor, but there are so many different scripts that you hardly notice it at all. As a result, Skyrim feels so much more realistic.

Amazing Graphics

Of course Oblivion and before it Morrowind had amazing graphics so theres nothing new. Skyrim once again marvels and amazes with it's awesome graphics. There are so many moments where you just stop at a creek or a waterfall to just enjoy the sights and beauty of the surroundings.

Better dungeons

Compared to Oblivion I'm already liking the dungeons a lot better, they feel much less like copies of each other.

Third person works!
Don't ask me why but I prefer third person over first person, especially as a warrior. For the first time in the elder scrolls series third person gameplay completely works and feels as solid as any other third person adventure. To me this makes the gameplay, immersion and combat a lot more entertaining!

Aside from that it is like we are used from the elder scrolls series, amazing stories, sandbox gameplay, thousands of quests, miniquests, subplots, etc. I'm having a lot of fun but the hard part of this game for me still is choosing which quests/career to pursue.
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