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Re: Last movie impressions

27 Dresses
Surprisingly good. Only bit bad was when the movie first showed how much of an ignorant asshole Tess is and then afterwards tries to make her also likable. They went beyond the point of no return, so trying had to end in failure.

Dr. Strangelove
I usually don't like satire movies and although i think this one would have been even better with more anarchic humor, like in the scene where the cowboy rides the bomb, it's definitely a classic.

Die Hebamme - Auf Leben und Tod (The midwife - a matter of life and death) (or something like that)
Interesting movie about a time were catholic church and men thought of women as second class humans.
Woman like the portrayed history inspired Rosa Koelbl are the reason why women are at least on paper equally treated nowadays. It will take some time to further adjust reality but applause to her and progressive people like her.

Le temps du loup (Time of the Wolf)
Seems like i don't like Haneke movies as soon as Isabelle Hubert appears in them.
It felt underwhelming throughout. Like it did not dare to show rather probable inhumanity to full extents in apocalyptic times.
Blindness was no perfect movie imo, but its cruelty felt realistic.

I think the master of disaster, Emmerich, would have made a better movie of it.
Nevertheless i enjoyed it since the question of determinism and free will is very interesting.
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