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Re: Please Rate this Review: Renegade Ops

Good review Fidgety! I really relate to the part in which you admit to having to change to an easier difficulty, even though you are an experienced gamer. I did the exact same thing for Red Faction: Guerrilla with similar experiences of enjoying the game so much more after the switch was made.

Originally Posted by FidgetyAcolyte View Post
Sometimes a game’s design is so simple and obvious it’s almost stupid. Take, for instance, the comfortable dual-analog mechanics of Geometry Wars, throw in a little bit of Super Off-Road’s geography, and pour some “A-Team” machismo on the whole thing. The result is Renegade Ops.
I would end this sentence here, which I think still fits your writing style.
a game that, even by its title, assured me that it wouldn’t take me by surprise. Such assurance led me to believe that I would walk away from Renegade Ops having learned nothing. I was wrong. Renegade Ops taught me a lesson in humility.
That being said, not sure what to do with this part of the intro. Not sure this part is unneeded, but it detracts a little from a solid opening to your review. Maybe reword a little bit or even make it part of your second paragraph?
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