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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

The Wasp Factory is an excellent book. My missus had a copy lying around, as she had to read it years ago when she was in School, used to be part of the curriculum in England, it seems. Farenheit 451 I also read recently, and I found it to be abysmal. Really good premise, ruined by the actual writing of the book itself. I'd love it if someone else just completely re-wrote the book, as I don't like Ray Bradbury's writing style at all. I don't know how it's just me who thinks "How the hell did the guy ever get this published???", because I've never met anyone who feels the same way.

Just about to get stuck into Ace Frehley's autobiography, No Regrets (guitar player of hard rock band Kiss). Never pre-ordered a book before this one. Received it today, and as a pretty wild, controversial person I look forward to reading this. Not normally into biographies, but I should enjoy this.
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