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Re: Last movie impressions

Io sono l'amore (I am love)
did not like it
first hour was good but it lacked at least one hour runtime for being the epic it maybe wanted to be?
And in this compressed form it made no sense to me.
She is from russia, her husband was a nice guy when they met, she never returned, she misses her country and being called by her former non italian name.
Why did she never return?
Did her husband treat her in any second of the movie in any way bad? Just got ignorant of her? I have no idea, nothing was shown.
The story around the leadership of the company going from the founder, the after the initial scene dead grandfather, to his son + his grandson almost was completely pointless in regard to the rest.
Also the outing of her daughter. She accepts it almost immediately, not even a need for talking about it although she looks shocked or aroused by finding it out before the official confession. Totally irrelevant?
The reason for adultery, the friend of her son, the cook and his passion for nature and cooking is more justifiable than adultery of men hunting for some panties because it was directed in a so sensual way?
What happened to good old till death do us part or at least get divorced when you feel trapped inside a golden cage and an actually working marriage before adultery?
Man, i hate such morally weird movies were i should feel sym- or empathy with persons who actually hurt the non main characters of the movie and there is no explanation given why they act not differently.

I really would have enjoyed if those adultery scenes were just daydreams of her. The display of her imagination experimenting with a possible future because of certain events initiating some thoughts. Explain sufficiently why she wants to leave her family and then do it and afterwards go the cook or whomever.

Angels & Demons (Illuminati)
The point were it killed itself was when Langdon says he is no believer, after he met in the first movie Jesus' grandgrandgrandgrandchild. OK, knowing is something different than believing, but seriously?
The end was quite shitty with this "with mercy"-hunt. Granted that the catholic church is a little more evolved than Islam in the regard of being pissed of after some stupid affronts and even though i'm not that much of a believer, it's lame to add such silly scenes. "With mercy" includes "kill him", and i doubt someone of the bishops would allow to murder someone inside the Vatican.
Also the hero for pope election was ridiculous. Even Tom Clancys Jack Ryan for president makes much more sense than this.
Oh my... such a wasted movie.
Even the National Treasure series seems better even though i actually like this religious stuff more.

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