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Re: Last movie impressions

sure looks like the ice cave from the beginning of the X-Files movie, doesn't it..?

The Thing (2011)

if you know me, you know I love the 1982 John Carpenter film. I'll try to put this as plainly as I can: 3rd act: complete disaster/total loss. Climax mistake: Trying to go in the footsteps of the X-Files movie (remember the spaceship under the ice? which in itself was referencing the Thing?), and by showing one CGI composite monster effect that looked atrociously bad. To quote MovieBob: 'Lost in Space Dr Smith Monster-Bad'

He's right.

Also, the film really could've used about 5 minutes of character development early on.
It costs next to nothing and is really important when you're building slow scares.

And it all really SUCKS because 2nd act: flawless victory!
- after the wobbly introduction of the principles, there's some good scares and surprisingly, some good tension in this film. For the record, after the monster breaks free and starts copying people, there were 3 really good creepy scenes. The third, in fact, held it's own against the original for horrific and disturbing imagery.

There was also some cool bits w/regard to the spaceship.
though how they ignored one really obvious plot detail from the 1982 film really puzzled me...

Look, no glacier! C'monnn... You can't do an homage and omit something that big. :lame:

There were also the usual endcredits footage meaning to dovetail into the 1982 film that just felt tacked on after such a muddled finish. Sigh. Oh well.

Nerd bite: I recognized the 'sound' playing in the alien spaceship (distress signal), as the beacon from the Icarus 1 in 'Sunshine'.
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