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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

"Jumped Off a Cliff" Locations:

Marine Resort: If you go past the ATV jump activity in the Off-Road park, then you'll find yourself driving along the edge of a cliff that overlooks the beach. Keep driving until you find a section jutting out in front of Pirate Rock (the bungee jump area). This cliff will have in ancient sword sticking out of the ground. Jump off that cliff to earn the award.

Mountain Resort: Jump off the Otti Macrae Falls (or whatever it's called). That's the biggest waterfall in the resort and you can easily warp there from the pause menu. As a side note, when swimming off of the falls, it is possible to jump just before you fall off and land on the bridge far down below. That must hurt your feet...

Snow Resort: If you start at the top of the mountain and go down, take the path on the right. I believe that there are two more intersections after that. I know that you take a left on one of them (sorry, remembering is tough). This will eventually bring you two a huge ramp that comes to a point in between two rock pillars. Go off of the ramp. Warning: That jump is INSANE!

City Resort: I don't really remember this one, so bear with me... I believe you either:
- Grind the entire Giant's Heel street and go off of the HUGE rail jump there (that earns you another award, by the way!).
- Grind up the space shuttle (not the UFO), which lands you on another rail that takes you by a building with a treasure chest and another rail jutting out. Jump onto that rail (which is very tricky), but it will probably take you away from the treasure. Instead it will take you to the top of the Wheel Slider building (behind the person for the Wheel Slider activity). You can choose to ride down the building and go off of the ramp there or take the rail back to the treasure chest. The ramp may get you the award. No promises!
-Another possibility is near the La Vacanza Mall. Nearby is another sort of shopping center with ramps that are black with orange railings. They are pretty much walking paths, but they go up. Follow them to the top and look around. A ramp will replace one of the railings and will take you onto a roof with a treasure chest. That roof will also have another, even bigger ramp that may earn you the award.
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