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Smile Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

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How Do You Get A Better Lure?

I've Been Stuck On Pro Cup And I've Been To Every Shop/Boutique!
well, u gotta wait to unlock better lures, also heres more hints:

leave ur 3ds on, on nintendogs, in ur home and leave it for 30mins then ur cat will come back with a gift.

special tricks: when you call ur dog over, he or she will run so fast that he or she will bark madly, that means ur dog will do the specail tricks. the special tricks are ,
backflip: tell ur dog to sit then jump
frontflip: tell ur dog to roll over then jump
high5:tell ur dog to situp or sitdown then say left/right paw.
bunnyhop: tell your dog to standup then jump

your cat may not know any tricks by heart, by they only know 1 trick. call ur cats name, it will wave their ears so meow. make sure give ur cat a treat after 5 times doing the trick!

last but not least, the heighest amount of money you can get is: 99,999.

how do i know all this? cause done them all, no lies

have fun :}
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