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Re: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

Best Fighting Technique i found is as follows.

Starting in BLAST RANGE- spam [ Square ] till it goes into choose button mode. then press [ TRIANGLE ]. if successful hold the LEFT joystick in any direction and keep pressing [ TRIANGLE ].

after the CHAIN COMBO is finished REPETE the same thing until your SPIRIT METER is at its max or enough to do a special move

Starting in MELEE RANGE- Dart Forward and start a melee combo. when you get in choose button mode choose [TRIANGLE] to start a combo to get your spirit up or [Square] to beat up your victim. after combo is finished hold down on the directional pad to charge your ki meter. when its maxed press UP on the directional pad and start another melee combo.. when your in this power up mode you wont be denied wichever button you pick so have fun. - Devonic
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