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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Finished Consider Phlebas by Iain (M.) Banks. Good book but I like his non-scifi books more (especially Wasp Factory). Now reading Player of Games, the second Culture novel by Banks.

Also went through Nothing but the Truth, a compilation of writings by Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist who was gunned down in her block of flats in Moscow in 2006. It is shocking what seems to be 'normal' in post-communist Russia and how many think of themselves above the law or untouchable.

Finally: Everything That Follows Is Based on Recent, Real-Life Experience That Has Been Proven to Work: Professional Survival Solutions by James Shepherd-Barron. An unwieldy title for a book that is quite interesting to read. It gives advice for situations we probably (hopefully) will never encounter. Like landing an aircraft without pilot. Or how to behave when being shot at with automatic weapons. Or when attacked by a lion or crocodile. Did you know it's better to crashland a helicopter on water? Or that the best way to dodge someone firing an AK47 is to dive to the right? Most things mentioned are common sense, but common sense seems to become pretty uncommon lately, thus this book might provide useful for some
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