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Re: Last movie impressions

Babí léto (Autumn Spring)
Didn't like it at all.
An old asshole, although actually a nice guy, but ignorant to the feelings of his wife living every day without care for money and always acting goofy. While she prepares already both their funerals and the time when one of them will be alone he wastes their money. When getting criticized for his overall behavior he is even upset and lets his best friend pretend that he died at his place. Which gives his wife a shock. When she comes with an undertaker she learns the truth: It was done to give her a lesson to make her think of what she would loose! oh my...
Then at their divorce hearing he promises to behave differently in the future. Instead of behaving "normal" he then acts like he is already dead whatever. So his wife is again the one who is really suffering.
The stupid end is that he is allowed to live again in his way and she starts to also enjoy his silly behavior by herself. So he was right all the time....

Of course money isn't everything but carelessly treating others' money is since three years a problem for world economy. And then such movies proclaim that you either live your life to the max without caring for others, not for your wife, not for your children, or you are not living the right way.

Black Sunday
The explosions were terribly faked but it was no Emmerich blockbuster movie so it doesn't matter much.
The rest was suspenseful and it even tried to explain the hard-line terrorists reasoning in a side note while also the Israeli questions his murderous actions. If they lead to something one day. It ends still with good vs. evil but at least it did not overly simplify it.

Gone Baby Gone
It was clever, while it sometimes appeared as it wanted to drag the story for no reason the different chapters formed a reasonable ending.
But it lacked something, the final bit of greatness that was imho possible with its story. I don't know, maybe it felt surreal and aloof with all this i know either gangstas or cops behavior.
And it always appears funny to me when unimpressive guys like Cassey Affleck here (or Spike Lee in Do the right thing) have to act like the masters or experts or whatever of their street/their neighborhood.
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