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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by ckzatwork View Post
So, you're becoming a pyro... I'm considering that. I'm at level 40 now.

You've already killed the Hydra? BUT HOW? That thing vaporizes me instantly!
The best way I found to approach the hydra is on the right where all the trees are, as they disperse the water bolts the hydra shoots relatively effectively (they can still hit you and kill you if you're not careful though) until you come close to the water, where you can hide behind a rock, heal up if necessary and wait for stamina to replenish. Then you can run along the water to the left side, where the waterfall is. Running at the hydra directly got me killed quite some times since there is a lot of deep water just waiting for a wrong step. After the Waterfall is a small piece of land and when you reach that you can make your way to the hydra directly. As soon as you come close enough it will stop casting and try to hit you with in melee instead. Block the attack, aim for the head while they're stunned at the ground. Rinse, repeat until all heads are gone. It took a while in my case because I was rather cautious and only made 1 or 2 hits each time the hydra attacked instead of going all out. I didn't want to end up with 0 stamina next to that thing. Also don't get too close there, since a) there is deep water there as well and b) if you get to close to the body you can't hit the heads anymore which are the only part of the hydra you can damage as far as I can tell. Clear out the crystal guys first, of course. Shield with good magic defense helps, close up a shield with 100% block is more important though.

Regards to pyro I'm still undecided if I should go that route or 'conventional' sorcery. So far I also didn't really find out what makes the damage of pyromancies scale apart from upgrading the flame?
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