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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Hah, at some point we should be finding each others games

My fight against Quelaagh wasn't so smooth. I also had two random buddies with me, but one of them got toasted after 10 seconds or so and Quelaagh went mental, spitting a lava-circe around her. Pretty intense fight but we got her in the end

Blighttown was indeed easier than I thought after hearing so many people moaning about it. However, I took what I think is the back entrance via the valley of drakes. I noticed it must be the back entrance since most monsters were facing away from me as I went along. Gave me some free backstabs

Player signals have been quite mixed so far. Sometimes I wander for ages without seeing any sign of other players, then suddenly there are tons of messages and people to summon.

Today I had a look at the great wolf, helped one time taking it down and now revived so that next time playing I hopefully can take him down myself with the help of some cannon fodder, ehrm, friends . Found 3 cat monsters that were not able to get past some trees, making it easy to pick them apart with spells and arrows. Also, I think I - again - took a rear entrance to the whole area (at the waterfall where the hydra was). I noticed that by enemies - again - having their back turned to me, giving some free backstabs. That bandit I encountered in the woods was pretty tough, the cleric and mage were peanuts compared to him. Also took down the mushroom daddies. They hit like a truck and soak up tons of damage. Fortunately they are slow and stupid. Thanks to poison mist (cloud?) fireorb and some arrows they were no challenge.
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