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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Well, after playing several games for the past months that I kept playing only because I spent money on them, Dark Souls is constantly on my mind: at work, at the gym, while driving, while dreaming.

I’m at soul level 28 with an Elite Knight that will hopefully master high-level magic. I’m fighting with a fresh forged Raw Battle Axe and I find it pretty powerful for the moment. I just entered Blightown with lots of arrows and dreading the place because of what I’ve read so far. After a couple of minutes I was summoned as a phantom and in one session managed to get to the Queen’s Domain. We were both playing the area for the first time. My poison resist is at 18. More than enough to manage the mosquitos attack. I died at the boss fight, though.

At first, I thought everyone was exaggerating with the frame rate complaints but during the swamp area and those rock-throwing monsters I was getting a fucking slideshow. I have no idea if this some kind of nostalgic blink from From Software, an aesthetic joke from them. There’s some crazy and complex geometry in there but nothing that justifies pretty unplayable fight sequences.

The Butterfly boss fight was beautiful. The music and the setting made it so sad to kill such an elegant creature. Almost romantic.

The open world makes perfect sense. It’s a logical next step from Demon’s Souls. It reminds me of Metroid Prime. There are much more shortcuts than I imagined. Everything is perfectly coherent although I find the post-processing while entering some areas kind of abrupt: coming from the Depths and entering the pit that leads to Blightown changes the screen contrast and colors so violently that the feeling of an amalgamated world is hampered. At the same time, you get to understand what the artists want you to experience.

Overall, even if the novelty of Demon’s Souls isn’t present, the game is everything I wanted it to be.
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