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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

Originally Posted by unregistered View Post
(I've posted a couple of times as unregistered but i'm KELLY - 8000 trainer points and the snotty one above!)

I just thought that I'd post to say that I reached 12000 trainer points today, so have got unlocked even more.

Post any questions that you have and write if your asking me personally or not! If there's anything that you want me to test out and give my opinion on, just say.

I unlocked the robo-voucher thing and brought a robodog - their a waste of money!!! They are exactly the same as the furry dogs, only they have different sound effects. Oh and in my opinion, the piano is a waste of money too. It costs about 4000 and my cat didn't go near it!
[I havn't wasted any of my money though, because I make sure that I don't save until I'm happy with big purchases!]
you may not have noticed the robopup is free
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