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Re: Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever New Friends Tips Help Tricks Hints Strategy Gu

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hey, I don't know if this forum is active, but, I have some things to say about nintendogs+cats. Hope I don't mess this thread up...
Just gonna tell some stuff and ask a pair of questions!
So, I have 3 puppies:
Shiba inu named Sheela-nintendogs cup done for dics competition &lure coursing
Duchshund named Riko-nothing special...
And my bear puppy(pomeranian) names Zaira-nothing special...
So yeah, I really want to adopt a pinscher, but i don't know...Should I? Or not?
And...What is the prize for winning the obedience trial?

P.S. my friend code is 2535-3856-6342 ! Add me please!

Oh, and in case if I'll post more posts, then know that you can call me Murmule!
Oh, and I added some of you (that is Kelly, Chalupa, Rea) Sorry if you didn't want to be added, but please add me! (my friend code is 2535-3856-6342 as I said earlier)
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