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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Well, after finally getting round do setting up the HD aspect of my Xbox 360 and finally having HD graphics, Dark Souls s certainly the best looking game I've played! I'm amazed at what a difference HD makes.

Still not far in, but I'm purposefully taking my time. On the Undead Burg, and I'm havng a fine time grinding and not taking any unnecessary risks, slowly levelling up. Last thing I did last night was die against the first goat-knight you come up against. I was fairing pretty well against it, bearing in mind the only way I could do any real damage to it was by countering it's attacks, but it got the better of me in the end. Will be taking care of it during my next session. On the plus side, I've finally got a decent weapon (an axe, ALWAYS my weapon of choice in RPGs), and enough strength to kill most of the lesser enemies on the Undead Burg in one hit.
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