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Re: Last movie impressions

Was this movie supposed to be funny or were they trying to be like 300 and failing?
Especially the CG art and some of the brutalities, hilariously combined when he fought naked and they had not the balls to show his balls and penis, were funny to me. It worked in Polar Express since it was a kids movie but in a adult movie? Reducing sharp reality for an artificial look?
And the story appeared trivial and nevertheless acted like it was epic?
Jolie looked nice but the rest bored me.

John Rabe
Impressive movie about a part of history that is actually often used in movies, the Nazi era, but this time about a region that never was mentioned. At least i had never heard of it before. To be exact, it was before WW2 started. It is about a Nazi sympathizer that rescued some hundred thousand Chinese people when Japan invaded China and attacked the province of Nanking. He is portrayed in the movie as a sort of racist when he complains about the stupid Chinese never learning manners and he was in fact party member. But in the moment were humanity is needed, he drops his always properly stiff exact Arian attitude and protects thousands of people in a safe zone.
It was not that (depressingly) brilliant as the original actually later Schindler but it is definitely as important.

Hard Candy
I like (brutal) revenge movies but then they have to have style, eg Shurayukihime (Lady Snowblood), Kill Bill or Oldboy, but it really felt like they did not know were they wanted to go.
For a drama it lacked a proper message or question.
For a thriller it was too obscure in the usage of the topic.
Pretty pointless non entertaining self justice movie were actually hardly anything happens?

Bedtime Stories
The idea had potential... but Sandler was in much better movies before.

Katastrofin aineksia (Recipes for Disaster)
A father kind of forcing his family to take part in an interesting experiment: Going on an (crude) oil diet to reduce the tons of CO2 everyone consumes every year.
The original formula made sense. They, or he, decided not to buy anything new that needed oil, eg. transportation, or was made out of or wrapped in plastic.
In the end he came to the point that some things were less good, like throwing away plastic tools that they "don't really need" (thus throwing away already consumed CO2 and adding CO2 for metal or wooden tools), but some things were good. Especially since they practically decelerated their lifes, they had more time for important things. Like talking with their kids.
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